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  • Rapid7 Roundtable: Overcoming The Innovation Paradox in 2017

    Spending less. Exercising more. Finding ways to better manage a potentially world-shattering paradox. Clearly, some resolutions are more challenging than others - and not many people have it harder than security and IT pros.

    Why? The innovation paradox. If you haven't heard the name, you're definitely familiar with the concept: As our use of technology surges, so does the complexity of managing and securing it. No wonder infosec professionals count prioritizing vulnerabilities and threat among their toughest challenges - in this fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape, it's nearly impossible to know where to focus first. We're hoping to change that.

    In this webcast, our panel of security experts will dive deeper into the catch 22 of security and share the resolutions and initiatives they're implementing in 2017 to overcome this paradox, not only for individual organizations, but for the industry as a whole.

    Listen in for the kind of insight and advice that will help you take a fresh look at your security program and set new goals for 2017, as our panel answers big questions, like:

    • How are you managing the innovation paradox today?
    • Has IoT evolved to be more than just a consumer problem? How is your organization thinking about it?
    • What have you been working towards over the last couple of years?
    • What should we be striving to achieve over the next couple years?
    • What are the resolutions and top initiatives for security professionals in 2017?

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