How does your security program stack up? Rapid7 experts – former CSOs, incident responders, red teams and researchers – can benchmark your program and provide a roadmap to accelerate improvement. We will design a plan that is specific to your organization, its budget, goals and threats and provide you with a clear view of your organization’s security posture so you can confidently brief your board of directors and executive team. Most importantly, we’ll help you be more prepared and respond more adeptly to the threats you face.

Security Advisory Services

Nicholas J. Percoco
VP of Strategic Services
Nicholas leads a team that advises customers on how to mitigate and respond to threats using data driving analysis to empower more relevant, timely, and impactful decisions.
Maranda Cigna
Strategic Services Manager
Maranda brings a strong business background and extensive experience in enterprise remediation to her role as Manager of Program Development, in which she provides targeted advice for building relevant and sustainable cyber security practices.
Wade Woolwine
Strategic Services Manager
Wade is responsible for defining and managing our client's threat detection and incident response program development. Prior to Rapid7, Wade was senior manager for operations enablement within Managed Defense at FireEye/Mandiant.
Wim Remes
EMEA Strategic Services Manager
Wim leverages his 15+ years of security leadership to advise clients on reducing their risk by solving complex security problems and building resiliency into their organization.

Executive’s Guide: Security Assessment and Breach Preparedness

After a year of highly publicized cyber-attacks, many organizations have placed new or heightened emphasis on their security programs and investments. But how can you tell if you're getting a return on those investments or making any progress if you don't know where you stand today or where you plan to go?

Interested in an assessment of your security program?

After a year of highly publicized cyber-attacks, the spotlight is now on security teams to develop programs that safeguard their systems and users. Do you feel confident in your organization's security measures? Fill out the form to the right to download our guide to assessing your company's security program and breach preparedness.

Security Metrics: How Are you Measuring Up?

5 Tips for Maximizing The Value of Your Security Assessment

With data breaches making regular headlines, it’s easy to understand why information security is critical. A security assessment is a key step in understanding your organization’s level of readiness and maturity. It reveals security gaps and the associated risks, focusing on your overall business environment rather than specific controls or processes.

How to Prepare for a Breach

A strong security strategy shouldn’t just ensure that your organization is difficult to compromise – it should also include a threat detection and incident response plan that maximizes opportunities to detect a compromise and minimizes fallout in the event of a breach.

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