Consolidated IT Data Becomes a Reality

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Centralizing Log Data for Improved Availability, Compliance and System Optimization

When your operational data is all over the place, how do you know where to start when something goes wrong?

Today’s IT environment is dramatically different than it was a couple of years ago. Instead of consisting of a few servers, storage, employee workstations and network equipment, organizations are now faced with wireless access points, virtualized servers and cloud services, and containerization. As a result, it has become increasingly challenging to maintain availability of systems and applications, ensure compliance standards are met, and drive the optimization of these systems and applications.

To stay ahead of the critical issues that can compromise your systems, stunt productivity, or even take down your entire network, IT teams need to collect diverse sets of data across a variety of sources.

Download this report to learn how to:

  • Take advantage of the value of consolidating data into a single source
  • Use centralized logs to detect critical issues in your IT environment 
  • Fix problems quickly using a central dashboard and visualizations 

Learn how to unlock the value of centralized IT asset data and discover critical issues before they impact your organization in this new report.

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