Web Application Security Requirements: 15 Requirements and Best Practices for Buyers

In this white paper, you’ll learn our 15 web application security requirements that improve your chances of getting the most automated, accurate and easy-to-manage scanning solution.

If you’re managing an application security program, you’re probably spending way too much of your time manually assessing applications and sifting through long vulnerability reports. Even if you are already working with a vendor who provides web application security tools, SaaS or professional services to help you fully assess your web applications, you’re probably also looking for ways to improve your program, automate more of the application security scanning process and find more vulnerabilities quickly and consistently.

We can help! We’ve put together some of the most strategic and practical insights to help you find the best application security tools for your organization, such as:

  • Tips on what kind of test environment works best for an evaluation
  • How to find more vulnerabilities through automation
  • The latest trends in managing an application security program
  • Technical details about what makes an application security solution more accurate and more automated

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