Incident Detection and Investigation with InsightUBA: Find the Attacks You’re Missing


The top three attack vectors behind breaches are compromised credentials, malware, and phishing. What if you could detect all three earlier in the attack chain, before data is stolen? Rapid7 InsightUBA (formerly UserInsight) helps you detect stealthy attacks through behavior analytics, investigate incidents faster with user context, and expose risky behavior from endpoint to cloud.

In this on-demand demonstration, learn how InsightUBA will help you:

  • Detect account takeover including compromised credentials, lateral movement, and malicious privilege escalation
  • Investigate incidents without having to dig through logs or retrace users across assets, IP’s, and services
  • Expose risky user behavior such as non-expiring passwords, unknown administrative activity, and Shadow IT

Unlike other monitoring solutions that only look at network logs, InsightUBA monitors endpoints, cloud services, and mobile devices and sets traps for intruders. Rapid7’s unique understanding of the attacker from the Metasploit project and Global Services is the key to our continually evolving detection techniques.

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