Rate Your Risk with Rapid7’s User-Based Risk Research Findings

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Phishing has consistently been the initial attack point in major breaches, and many organizations aren’t aware of how much more they could be doing to protect themselves, particularly through user education. Rapid7 conducted a survey across 600 organizations to find out what measures organizations have been taking to combat user-based risk, and more importantly, where people are commonly failing to act. Register for this webcast to learn what security professionals can be doing for better user-based protection, and how others approach:

  • Validating vulnerabilities to prioritize remediation of high risks
  • Secure coding practices for custom web applications
  • Verifying the security of new systems before they go into production
  • Security awareness trainings and simulated phishing campaigns

We’ll also be sharing the results of the study conducted across 600 organizations on user risk.

Webcast: Rate Your Risk with Rapid7's User-Based Risk Research Findings

Speaker: Jay Roxe, Senior Director of Product Marketing