User-Based Attacks – The Kill Chain: From Compromising User Credentials to Exfiltrating Data

The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2014 (DBIR) identifies stolen credentials as the number one most-used attacker method. Your users are under attack, or will be under attack, and in some cases, will become compromised one way or another.

A good way to deal with attacks that compromise users is to not only look at the attacker’s entry point as a way to detect and stop attacks, but also to look at the entire series of actions an attacker might take.

In this whitepaper, we’ve mapped this series of attacker behaviors to what we call “the user-based attacks kill chain.” An attacker needs to go through all of the stages of the kill chain to get to the data and, subsequently, get rewarded. If the attacker is stopped at any point along the chain, the damage is minimized and the attack has been contained, or killed.

The more security teams can learn about attacker behavior along the kill chain, the better these teams can equip themselves with capabilities to detect and stop such behaviors. Download our whitepaper on the user-based attacks kill chain to arm yourself and your team with the knowledge you need to stop an attacker in their tracks.

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