Understanding the Attack Chain to Detect Intruders


With the increasing variety of breaches and threat actors in the mainstream news, it can feel like attacks come from nowhere and are impossible to identify. Fortunately, attackers must follow a series of steps, - an attack chain - in order to successfully exfiltrate your confidential data. In this webcast, we dove into each step of the attack chain, including infiltration, reconnaissance, lateral movement, and mission target, and how you can identify attacks earlier in the chain. We also introduced Rapid7’s approach to detecting stealthy attacks through InsightUBA (formerly UserInsight), our User Behavior Analytics solution.

This webcast for security professionals covers the following topics:

  • Introduction of the Attack Chain
  • Why compromised credentials are the number one cause of breaches
  • The attack chain in the age of cloud services
  • Infiltration, Persistence, and Reconnaissance
  • Lateral movement, and why it’s difficult to detect
  • Common exfiltration techniques
  • Live Demo: Rapid7 InsightUBA

Speaker: Eric Sun, product marketing manager, Rapid7

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