Getting One Step Ahead of the Attacker: How to Turn the Tables

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For too long, attackers have been one step (or leaps) ahead of security teams. They study existing security solutions in the market and identify gaps they can use to their advantage. They use attack methods that are low cost and high return like stolen credentials and phishing that more often than not, work. They bank on security teams being overwhelmed by security alerts to be able to sift through the noise to detect their presence. We believe it’s time security professionals to turn the table on the attackers and use what we know about attacker behavior against them. Watch this webcast to learn how you can:

  • Increase the cost of the attacker’s most popular method
  • Follow and catch attackers in their favorite hiding spot
  • Look out for the tools and processes that all attackers use

Speaker: Matt Hathaway (Senior Manager, Platform Products)

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