Ten Business Logic Attack Vectors: Business Logic Bypass & More

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This white paper details the 10 most common business logic attack vectors, including critical parameter manipulation, business logic bypass and more. We’ll provide you with specific instructions, real-world examples and code-snippets that demonstrate how to test and exploit these types of vulnerabilities.

The top 10 business logic attack vectors include:

  • Authentication flags & privilege escalations
  • Critical parameter manipulation & access to unauthorized information/content
  • Developer’s cookie tampering & business process/logic bypass
  • LDAP parameter identification & critical infrastructure access
  • Business constraint exploitation
  • Business logic bypass
  • Exploiting clients’ side-business routines embedded in JavaScript, Flash or Silverlight
  • Identity or profile extraction
  • File or unauthorized URL access & business information extraction
  • Denial of Services (DoS) with business log

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