Deception, Data and the Cloud: Industry Tips and Trends for Managing User Risk

It’s a tough series of facts:  Your users are using passwords that get compromised in the megabreaches, putting corporate data at risk by using unapproved cloud services, and falling for phishing attacks.  Users are the largest risk to your data security, but your existing tools may be focused within the firewall and failing to secure user activity across on-premise, cloud and mobile environments.

Watch this on-demand webcast presented by John Kindervag, principal analyst at Forrester research, and Jay Roxe, Sr. Director of Products at Rapid7, for a wide-ranging discussion of best practices to secure user data in your environment.  Attendees will learn about:

  • Current trends in the security landscape driving the need for broader visibility
  • How attackers are adapting methods from brute force to deception and what that means for you
  • Why monitoring should be done across on premise, mobile and cloud environment
  • Best practices for identifying and mitigating user risk

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