SQL Injection Attacks Basics Toolkit

Recent high profile breaches have shown that attacking web applications is a popular method for cyber criminals to breach organisations. When successfully carried out, this can result in leakage of confidential customer information, disruptions to the business, damage to brand reputation, and even loss of market value.

One of the most dangerous web app attacks, SQL injection attacks, have been around for nearly two decades yet we still see companies suffering from these types of attacks. Why are they still so common and how do we prevent them? We’ve assembled some resources to help you learn more about how to protect against web app attacks and SQL injection.

Download our SQL Injection Attacks Toolkit to access the following resources:

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Free Tool: SQL Invader
Use this tool to quickly and easily exploit a SQL injection vulnerability and see how susceptible your web applications are to this type of attack.

Blog Post:
Eight Reasons Why SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Still Exist: A Developer’s Perspective

Webcast: How to Modernize Your Application Security Strategy
Learn how to address the most common challenges with web application security and effective strategies for testing modern applications.

Free Guide: SQL Injection Cheat Sheet
This cheat sheet includes the commands required to execute the vulnerability against the back-end database.

Video: What Is SQL Injection
Watch this video to hear our global security strategist explain, in a non-technical way, what SQL injection is and what the impact of this vulnerability could have on your organization.