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Tech Talks Theatre
Strategic Attack Surface Management: Involving the Business
Wim Remes | Manager, Strategic Services | Rapid7
2 Jun 2015, 12:00 - 12:25 Tech Talks Theatre

With security increasingly becoming a boardroom topic, how do you prioritise security efforts? This talk will provide real-world examples to illustrate methodologies that organisations can apply to identify, understand and manage their attack surface.

Learn about current attack techniques, understand how to prioritise security efforts to best service your organisation, receive examples of real-world methodologies for managing your attack surface. Understand how to better communicate and understand security exposure and risk and be able to develop a specific threat model for your business.

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Speaker: Lee Weiner, SVP Products and Engineering, Rapid7
Topic: Engineering Better Security
Time: Tuesday: 1:05pm & 3:50pm | Wednesday: 11:50am, 2:30pm & 3:50pm | Thursday 10:25am & 1:10pm

Today’s attackers are more nimble than most security programs, while defenders struggle to contain the risk in an expanding environment. Traditional security technologies are failing to detect and contain intruders masquerading as users. Rapid7 is engineering better security to help organizations reduce threat exposure and detect compromise. We understand the attacker better than anyone and build that insight into our security solutions. Hear Lee Weiner, Senior VP of Product and Engineering talk about how we solve critical security challenges like spotting intruders leveraging the #1 attack vector: compromised credentials.

Speaker: Nicholas Percoco, Vice President Strategic Services, Rapid7
Topic: The 7 Minute Security Program
Time: Tuesday: 11:30am & 3:10pm | Wednesday: 10:25am & 1:10pm | Thursday 12:30pm & 3:10pm

According to the Ponemon Institute, 78% of security programs are not reviewed regularly or updated at all. An ineffective security program leads to difficulties in prioritizing security initiatives, no visibility into where the organization may be vulnerable, and inadequate response when a data breach occurs. Rapid7 security experts can help you transform your security processes and better align investments to your organization’s risk and needs. Join Nick Percoco, VP of Strategic Services to learn how you can improve your security program by maximizing effectiveness of key controls areas.

Speaker: Wim Remes, Strategic Services Manager, Rapid7
Topic: 5 Most Common Pentest Findings
Time: Tuesday: 10:25am & 1:45pm | Wednesday: 12:30pm & 3:10pm | Thursday: 11:00am & 1:50pm

Simulating a real-world attack is the best way to understand how intruders will actually approach your network. Rapid7 conducts over 500 penetration tests per year and our pentesters are frequently asked to present at leading industry conferences like BlackHat and Defcon. Regardless of organization size and industry, there are some security issues that we see again and again in our engagements. Join Wim Remes, Strategic Services Manager and co-developer of the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), to learn about the five most common pentest findings and what you can do to mitigate these risks.

Speaker: Mark Stanislav, Senior Security Consultant, Rapid7
Topic: IoT Security: A Work in Progress
Tuesday: 11:00am & 2:30pm | Wednesday 11:05am & 1:50pm & 4:30pm | Thursday 11:50am & 2:30pm

Odds are good that a device somewhere in your home or office falls into the category of the "Internet of Things." Join Rapid7's Mark Stanislav as he discusses and demonstrates the risks facing IoT devices in today's marketplace. Curious if that web camera you own is safe? Be sure to see Mark give a quick glimpse into the kind of IoT research he does and how Metasploit can make exploiting these devices all-too-easy.

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