Over the past 14 months, retail has been the industry hardest hit by cyber-attacks. Understandably, this has impacted security’s role in the organization and raised a lot of questions that still need to be answered. How can retailers balance a security program focused on preventing attacks with the demands of PCI DSS compliance? What do they need to do to protect their organization in a constantly changing threat landscape? And will new technologies like EMV mean the end of payment card data breaches? Watch this webcast to hear about:

  • The biggest threats and questions facing the retail industry today
  • Why compliance should only be one consideration for an effective security program
  • Two practical methods for retailers to transform their approach to cyber security

Speakers: Wim Remes (Manager Strategic Services at Rapid7), Jane Man (Product Marketing Manager at Rapid7)

Security in Retail: An Industry at a Crossroads

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