You Can’t Control It, But You Can Protect it: Enabling Security for Cloud, Mobile, and Social Applications

Security practices focused on on-premise systems can’t protect your organization from breaches and attacks as they once did. The line between on-premise and off-premise technologies isn’t just blurred; it’s barely relevant. Your ability to monitor users must encompass on-premise, cloud and mobile technology, or you might as well forget about security. Anyone who wants to access it will find a way—possibly a mind-bogglingly easy way—to access it through user-based weaknesses.

To maintain any semblance of security in a corporate environment where the concept of a perimeter no longer exists, you need to know what your users are doing and what tools they're using. When usability and convenience are key, user behavior will constantly shift towards the easiest path, and your knowledge and tools need to be adaptable to those changing behaviors, as well as grant visibility into where your users are heading.

This paper discusses reasons why visibility is so essential, and outlines how you can use visibility beyond and within the firewall to develop policies and processes that protect what you can’t control.

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