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Approaching risk management and security the right way means incorporating vulnerability assessment into every day processes. To be successful and efficient, you should know what vulnerabilities you face and how extreme and important each one is - basically, have a complete view of your vulnerability assessment landscape. Having such comprehensive knowledge of the threats facing your organization sounds complex and daunting, but it shouldn’t be. There is a way to get a handle on all of this – knowing what you need to protect your network.

This webcast features Lee Weiner, Vice President of Products at Rapid7, along with featured guest, Charles Kolodgy, Research Vice President at IDC, who will speak about how to provide value for your organization even beyond dealing with threats and vulnerabilities, by digging into the layers of security to find a way to simplify daily processes. 

 This webcast will address:

  • The vulnerability assessment landscape, including usage and penetration
  • The importance of vulnerability assessment
  • The most critical recommendations for establishing and improving your risk and security assessment program

Critical Steps of Vulnerability Assessment for Great Security - Know What You Don't Know