Leveraging Metasploit Pro to Enhance Red and Blue Teaming in Federal Agencies

In this webinar for penetration testers and network security engineers in government agencies, Eden Martinez talks about new techniques in Metasploit Pro to let Red teams simulate attacks on government networks and allow Blue teams to go on the offensive against them.

You will learn how to:

  • To test security awareness and endpoint security using social engineering without blaming individuals
  • Leverage VPN pivoting to unleash your entire security toolbelt from inside the network
  • Justify vulnerability remediation with evidence from penetration tests, especially when these are more costly than simply applying a patch
  • Protect your integrity as a penetration tester with audit reports and activity logs
  • Get the maximum out of each shell with post-exploitation techniques

Eden Martinez, Security Solutions Engineer - Federal Government

Eden Martinez is a Security Solutions Engineer for Federal Government at Rapid7, where he advises civilian and Dept. of Defense agencies in the areas of vulnerability management and penetration testing. TS cleared, Eden has 11 years of experience in IT, up to the Dir. of IT role, and 5 years as a solution architect for security software vendors and federal VARs. He has a Bachelor in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

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