Rapid7 Quarterly Threat Report: 2017 Q2

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Intent, Capability, Opportunity, and the Threat Landscape

The “threat landscape” is a moving, shifting form that will look different to different organizations—it all depends on where you’re standing. We leveraged data from Rapid7’s Insight platform, Rapid7 Managed Detection and Response engagements, Project Sonar, and Heisenberg Cloud to dive into the events of 2017 Q2, determine key takeaways, and provide helpful information for companies continuing to build out their detection and response programs. For this second quarterly Threat Report, we had three primary goals:

  • To provide as clear a picture as possible of the threat landscape organizations faced during the second quarter of 2017.
  • To provide context for the headline-grabbing events that transpired in Q2.
  • To highlight key takeaways that are applicable across organizations of every shape, size, and locale.

Download and read the full report to learn more about our second quarter findings and takeaways.

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