Q2 Rapid7 Theat Report Readout

Tuesday Aug. 15th 2PM ET / 11AM PT

The threat landscape doesn't stay the same for long, and Q2 was chock full of leaked capabilities, the re-emergence of the worm, and difficult-to-analyze targeted attacks. 

Rapid7 released its second Threat Report built on the intelligence from our Insight Platform, Managed Services, Incident Response engagements and the Metasploit community. This report is your guide to putting today's shifting landscape into perspective.

Join report authors, Rebekah Brown, Bob Rudis, and (special guest!) Tod Beardsley to better understand the threats facing your unique industry and how these threats are changing over time.

Join the webcast to learn about:

- How recent leaks have changed the threat landscape
- Key lessons from 2017 Q2 
- Tips on how to use the report to inform your ongoing security strategy


Rebekah Brown

Threat Intelligence Lead

Bob Rudis

Chief Security Data Scientist

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