What is a gap analysis?

A gap analysis is a common technique that businesses use to determine what steps need to be taken in order to move from its current state to its desired, future state.  This is a perfect technique to identify the size of your gap to being compliant to PCI DSS 3.0 when it’s mandated on January 1, 2015.

However, performing a PCI DSS gap analysis can be challenging because you need to cross-reference multiple PCI Council documents to determine your gaps and there isn’t an easy way to report the status.  This PCI Gap Analysis checklist resolves these issues and allows you to perform your own gap analysis.

The PCI Compliance Checklist:

  • Guides you through performing a gap analysis
  • Provides space to enter notes as you are performing your analysis
  • Cross-references the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), PCI DSS Data Security Standards, and Report on Compliance (ROC)
  • Automatically shows the size of your gap to PCI DSS 3.0
  • Supports every SAQ Type
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PCI Compliance Gap Analysis Checklist