Simple Steps to Take Your Security Program to the Next Level

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When you work with your IT team do you provide them with large reports that often contain irrelevant information? Do you have trouble determining which remediation steps are going to provide the biggest return? And, how do you know if your Redhat linux servers are configured securely, or if your change management processes catch all of the changes to your servers?

These are some of the issues that security professionals and IT organizations struggle with, and now, Nexpose’s newest version can address these and more. In this webcast, Nate Crampton, Product Marketing Manager for Nexpose, presents a 30-minute interactive webinar session on how to take your vulnerability management program to the next level.  This webcast addresses the common challenges security professionals face with remediation and provides a framework for confronting them, as well as demonstrates how Nexpose solves remediation issues with insights into:

  • Information and actionable remediation steps to make faster decisions
  • Reports that zero in on top priorities for faster remediation
  • Simple, actionable reports to maximize your IT Resources
  • Secure configurations
  • Automated configuration assessment