No Trip to the SPA - Securing Single Page Applications

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Thursday, June 22nd 2PM ET / 11AM PT

Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks have taken advantage of all these new technologies - all at once - to enable developers to build feature rich applications, but in doing so they have created tremendous challenges for application security experts.

Join Dan to learn how to security test each of the following application layers of a SPA:

  • Interface layer: Become familiar with SPA frameworks (AngularJS, ReactJS)
  • Backend layer: Dig into different REST API's and learn how they are used and where to find weaknesses
  • Network layer: Learn more about WebSockets and how they fundamentally change TCP/HTTP
  • Interconnectivity layer: Get to know how SPA's are often interconnected with 3rd party API's or presentation elements


Dan Kuykendall

Senior Director, Application Security

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