Night Vision For Your Network: How to Focus on Risk that Matters

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All assets aren’t created equal – and they shouldn’t be treated the same way.  Security professionals know the secret to running an effective risk management program is providing business context to risk.  However, It’s easier said than done. Every organization is unique: all have different combinations of systems, users, business models, compliance requirements, and vulnerabilities.  Many security products tell you what risk you should focus on first, but don’t take into account the unique make up and priorities of each organization.

With the new Rapid7 RealContext™, Nexpose solves these problems for you by allowing you to focus on what matters to your specific business quicklyefficiently, and effectively.

Watch this webcast to see how RealContext™ will improve your productivity and reduce the highest risks to your organization.

Watch this webcast to learn about:

  • A quick overview of Risk Management
  • Ways to Prioritize Risk
  • Using Multiple Prioritization Techniques
  • Automatically Assigning Risk for Remediation
  • Measuring Remediation Effectiveness

Speakers: Ryan Poppa, Sr. Product Manager, Nate Crampton, Product Marketing Manager