Webcast: National Exposure Index 2018

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In 2016, Rapid7 Labs launched the National Exposure Index to get a measurable, quantitative answer to the question: what is the nature of internet exposure and where are the exposed services located? Now in its third year, the ongoing investigation into internet activity continues with a few key changes – an added third dimension for exposure and a modified ranking algorithm.

Join Rapid7 experts to learn about: 

  • The modified ranking algorithm used in this year’s National Exposure Index and why a third dimension for exposure was added
  • Which countries were ranked highest in each of the exposure metrics and how many servers they collectively control
  • The vast amount of exposed endpoints associated with direct database access and the risk this poses for a coordinated attack
  • Where the most significant risk to the internet originates and what these countries can do to secure the global internet 


Tod Beardsley

Research Director

Bob Rudis

Chief Data Scientist

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