Webcast Series: Take the Mystery out of Incident Detection and Response

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On-Demand Webcast Series

Do your alerts make it feel like you’re playing a mystery board game?

No one wants to spend their time responding to a mountain of alerts that may or may not identify the core incident on your network. Learn how our experts and solutions leverage known attacker and user behaviors to bring a deeper level of context and clarity to the clues, resulting in more effective incident detection and response.

The on-demand webcast series includes:

Setting Your SOC up for Success


Considering adding 24/7 SOC coverage to your incident detection and response programs? Experiencing challenges with operating your existing SOC? Simply adding a SOC to your portfolio without adequate preparation is going to result in poor performance in threat detection, high turnover in valuable resources, and a general underperformance of a heavy financial investment.

In order to get the most from your investment, SOC analysts require full visibility through the right technology, a well-defined mission, team structure, and leadership, and most importantly the SOC must augment existing high-performance security programs.

Join Wade Woolwine, Director of Rapid7’s MDR service and SOC, to learn some of the key considerations that should be in place before hiring your first SOC analyst.

Speaker: Wade Woolwine, Director of Managed Services, Rapid7

Escape the Endless Trials and Tribulations of Legacy SIEM


Centralize your logs. Write correlation rules. Buy professional services. Spend more time tuning rules than finding anomalies. Buy more hardware. Where’s the time to actually investigate and respond to threats?

There’s a better way. And it doesn’t require a dedicated data team or even months to start seeing value. In this webcast, learn how we’ve crafted our detection-focused SIEM, InsightIDR, to find all of the top attack vectors behind breaches today: phishing, malware, and the use of stolen credentials.

Join Spencer & Eric for this webcast if you want to:

  • Detect malicious behavior without deploying 3+ siloed tools
  • Learn how User & Attacker Behavior Analytics work together for defense-in-depth
  • Know why InsightIDR finds the threats (and pen testers) that other tools miss

Eric Sun, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Rapid7
Spencer Engleson, Lead Security Solutions Engineer, Rapid7

Automation: The Ultimate Enabler for the Modern Security Team


As organizational networks increase in size and complexity and attackers become more advanced, the modern security team must evolve. Security needs to extend beyond the dedicated team and the silos across different business units need to be broken. The easiest and most efficient way to get to this state is by embracing security orchestration and automation (SOAR). When security automation and SIEM work together, organizations can improve their security operations and remediate threats quicker.

Join Rapid7 experts, Tyler Terenzoni and Spencer Engleson, for an interactive discussion where you will learn:

  • Key considerations when implementing a security orchestration & automation strategy
  • How to ensure your SOAR and SIEM solutions are working cohesively
  • A look into InsightIDR and Komand and how to automate incident detection and response processes

Spencer Engleson, Lead Security Solutions Engineer, Rapid7
Tyler Terenzoni, Technical Product Manager, Rapid7

From the Rapid7 SOC: A Day in the Life of a SOC Analyst


Here at Rapid7, we believe not only in building great security solutions, but also implementing them to secure our company. Wondering how the security operations team at Rapid7 uses InsightIDR on a daily basis?

Unifying security events and log data and detecting behavior behind breaches isn’t easy, but with InsightIDR the Rapid7 Security Operations team is able to accomplish it all. Join members of the Rapid7 Security Operations team for an in-depth overview of the top ways they use InsightIDR to monitor and protect the Rapid7 network.

Our expert team will give you an inside look at:

  • How to monitor a variety of security alerts
  • InsightIDR’s pre-built detections with attacker behavior analytics
  • How automation can complement your threat detection and incident response program

Jonathan Beggs, Security Operations Lead, Rapid7
Hannah Coakley, Security Solutions Engineer, Rapid7

Customer Panel: Building a Modern Security Program


Wondering how your peers are solving some of today’s most common incident detection and response challenges? Struggling to implement a security orchestration and automation strategy that can complement your SIEM?

Join a group of Rapid7 customers as they discuss how they have built their incident detection and response programs to combat today’s most prevalent cybersecurity threats. No matter where you are in your cybersecurity journey, our panel of experts will be able to guide you to security success.

Our experts will cover a variety of today’s hottest security topics, including:

  • How they have built their incident detection and response programs with Rapid7
  • Today’s modern threat landscape and the most common threats they are facing
  • Metrics from detection and response programs that are most important to share with executive staff 

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