How to Fearlessly Manage Security in a Healthcare Environment

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Participants of this webinar will learn effective strategies and metrics to manage and prioritize security initiatives and day to day operations within their healthcare environment. This presentation will cover:

  • Major healthcare breaches
  • An overview of the healthcare environment and its problems
  • How to manage applications, vulnerabilities, and secure software development lifecycle in a healthcare organization
  • The best way to use a risk focused approach to save time and money

Healthcare organizations are constantly developing and deploying new technologies and applications to help healthcare professionals treat patients and share information more effectively. Overall, application, vulnerability, and threat visibility is critical to deploying and managing a more secure application development process in this environment.

Watch this on-demand webcast featuring David Bressler, Senior Security Consultant at GuidePoint Security, and Ethan Goldstein, Security Engineer at Rapid7, to learn what steps security professionals in the healthcare industry need to take to manage their environment fearlessly and efficiently through application security and vulnerability risk management.