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  • IoT Security: Consumer Devices and the Extended Corporate Network

    There is much discussion about how the "IoT", or Internet of Things, increases our risk exposure in our homes - but how does this impact your business? Rapid7 security researchers, Mark Stanislav and Tod Beardsley, discuss how home consumer devices represent a threat to your organization, and the emerging implications for securing your network. Jumping off with ten new vulnerabilities found and disclosed in recent tests on video baby monitors, Mark and Tod talk about how even the most innocuous-looking consumer devices represent a broader business risk, and will discuss the cultural and policy changes required to mitigate it.

    In this webcast, Mark and Tod dive into the research and share:

    • An overview on the state of IoT today
    • Findings from exploring and exploiting video baby monitors
    • How focused attackers can leverage insecure personal technology to pivot into the enterprise network
    • Recommendations for organizations looking to reduce their risk, and the challenges therein
    • How IoT providers can build better security for a more stable Internet

    Speakers: Mark Stanislav, Senior Security Consultant, Rapid7 | Tod Beardsley, Research Manager, Rapid7 | Michael McNeil, Global Product Security & Services Officer, Philips Healthcare


    #IoTsec Disclosure: 10 New Vulnerabilities for Video Baby Monitors

    Download the report that coincides with this webcast.