Introducing InsightCloudSec


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We will introduce Rapid7’s newest product, InsightCloudSec, a revolutionary cloud-native security platform. Join Brian Johnson, SVP, Cloud Security Practice; Gadi Naor, VP, Software Engineering; and James Green, VP, Software Engineering as we explain how we're simplifying cloud-native security for our customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how we’re helping customers secure infrastructure and workloads throughout each step of the CI/CD pipeline
  • See how three complementary entities have come together to form InsightCloudSec, a fully-integrated cloud-native security platform that includes:
    • DivvyCloud’s best-in-class cloud security posture management,
    • Alcide’s agile Kubernetes security guardrails and workload protection, and
    • Rapid7’s powerful vulnerability insight.
  • Tour our new Kubernetes, Infrastructure as Code, and Identity & Access Management capabilities.

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