Escape the Endless Trials and Tribulations of Legacy SIEM

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Thursday, January 17th 2PM ET / 11AM PT

Centralize your logs. Write correlation rules. Buy professional services. Spend more time tuning rules than finding anomalies. Buy more hardware. Where’s the time to actually investigate and respond to threats?

There’s a better way. And it doesn’t require a dedicated data team or even months to start seeing value. In this webcast, learn how we’ve crafted our detection-focused SIEM, InsightIDR, to find all of the top attack vectors behind breaches today: phishing, malware, and the use of stolen credentials.

Join Spencer & Eric for this webcast if you want to:

  • Detect malicious behavior without deploying 3+ siloed tools
  • Learn how User & Attacker Behavior Analytics work together for defense-in-depth
  • Know why InsightIDR finds the threats (and pen testers) that other tools miss
  • Learn how to automate common threat detection and response processes


Eric Sun

Senior Solutions Manager, Incident Detection & Response

Spencer Engleson

Security Solutions Engineer

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