Party Crashers:
The Innovation of Unwelcomed Imposters

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Attackers change their methods to follow the path of least resistance. The growing trend, confirmed by the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, is the preference to use compromised credentials – allowing attackers to look like welcome guests. Understanding current attack methods is the first step to making the adjustments needed for a successful security program.   

Watch our first webcast of the summer series, “Party Crashers,” hosted by Michael Santarcangelo of Security Catalyst. We’ll explore and discuss the attacker mindset and what it means for security professionals, including:

  • The drive for compromised credentials
  • How attackers acquire the credentials
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of compromised credentials

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Michael Santarcangelo is the catalyst smart leaders count on to take friction out of communication and amplify value. He is in demand because friction in communication erodes value; it wastes energy and increases the cost of human connection as it stalls and eventually stops progress.

Known for a rare ability to translate complexity into understanding, Michael connects people to value and inspires change. He built the structure and system to create, measure, and effectively communicate value based on proven principles blended with the science of human ecology.

Leaders rely on Michael to bring visibility to communication and knowledge work. This identifies present and future value; each is mapped and aligned to advance individual and organizational goals. He frees up energy to solve challenges, ease change, and inspire higher levels of performance.

The author of Into the Breach, Michael is a full, professional member in good standing of the National Speaker’s Association. A graduate of Cornell University, Michael serves in multiple capacities to support professional organizations, standards, certifications, and efforts to advance the security industry.

Twitter: @catalyst