Identifying Real Risk in Virtualized Environments: A New Paradigm in Vulnerability Management

The widespread adoption of virtualization techniques provides proven benefits for organizations including lower cost of ownership, accelerated hardware ROI, and a simplified physical infrastructure. However, for security teams, virtualization has opened up a bit of a pandora's box.

In its recent report, IBM detailed that from 2005-2009, the number of annually disclosed virtualization vulnerabilities increased by more than 300% , with new classes of vulnerabilities affecting management consoles, management servers, administrative VMs, guest VMs, and hypervisors. As the interest in virtualization has increased, so has the severity of these vulnerabilities, with 40% classified as "high severity".

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Richard Li, Senior Director of Product Management, Rapid7.

Richard joined Rapid7 in 2009 to build and lead the product management organization. Richard has more than a decade of experience in enterprise software and IT, most recently with Red Hat, where Richard was responsible for vertical strategy, business development, and marketing. Prior to that, Richard held numerous leadership positions in engineering, sales, and marketing at Red Hat. Earlier in his career, Richard was a principal software engineer and release manager at ArsDigita. Richard holds B.S. and M. Eng. Degrees from MIT.

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