3 Steps to Secure Against Hazardous Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are everywhere – with more than 100 billion mobile apps downloaded since 2008, it’s no wonder that 4 out every 5 minutes we spend on mobile devices is on an app.  Attackers aiming to steal company data are well aware of this trend, with 97% of malware on Android smartphones coming from apps downloaded through third-party app stores. These apps are usually loaded with malicious functions that can expose the user and their company to severe risk. 

So, what can you do in this age of BYOD, where many of your users download and use apps from a wide variety of sources, without regards to the security risk this creates? Watch this on-demand webcast where Dirk Sigurdson, Director of Engineering for Mobilisafe at Rapid7 will go over a three-step framework to mitigate the risks from app usage by your organization's employees, and the importance of taking actions including:

  • Flagging apps from non-trusted app stores
  • Filtering apps by levels of permissions requested
  • Creating company app blacklists

People who watch this webinar will learn a process for identifying and managing the risks from apps being used on BYOD devices in their organization. 

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