How to Pitch Security Solutions to Your CIO

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Do you struggle with finding the best way to communicate with your CIO/CISO about why a security solution is worth the money and implementation effort for your company? The hardest part of the process when buying a new product is often getting your boss to sign on and understand why the purchase is important.

In this webinar you will hear straight from the horse’s (boss’!) mouth as Rapid7’s CIO, Jay Leader, details the 5 questions you should be able to answer before approaching your boss in order to explain your solution choice effectively. Jay addresses the best ways to approach the questions that will be on your boss’ mind including:

  • What problem are we solving and why is it important to solve?
  • Why is the solution you’re proposing the right one?
  • What will it take to implement this solution effectively?
  • What are the risks to success and what are you doing to mitigate them?
  • What should I expect as an outcome and how will I know that the solution worked?