Heartbleed War Room: Briefing, Strategy and Q&A

The OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability rocked the world of security professionals. The task of securing your organization from this single vulnerability can seem overwhelming. In this webcast, security strategist Trey Ford and security researcher Mark Schloesser will:

  • Help you understand how the vulnerability is exploited
  • Discuss the impact it has on the system
  • Explain how to detect if you are vulnerable
  • Discuss the best way to develop a strategy to secure your environment
  • Answer your questions on how to secure your environment (Q&A) 

Presenters: Trey Ford, Global Security Strategist, Rapid7 and Mark Schloesser, Security Researcher , Rapid7

7 Resources to help stop the Heartbleed

A resource guide to help you learn more and protect your organization