Healthcare Insomnia: Get the Prescription to Secure Unique Devices, People, and Organizations

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Security issues keep many of us from sleeping at night, and security professionals in healthcare environments have even more unique challenges than most.  This webcast will take a look at these issues from the eyes of a penetration tester and medical device security researcher.  Jay Radcliffe, Senior Security Researcher at Rapid7,  has spent the last three years wading through the security minefield of healthcare, from small clinics to working with the FDA and FTC on regulation reform.  Being able to identify where the problems exist and what actions you can take to contain them will be the remedy to your security related insomnia.

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn what makes medical environments especially difficult to secure, and how to:

  • Protect your patients, vital resources, and companies
  • Identify what is occurring on your systems and networks
  • Balance security needs with expectations from medical professionals and executives
  • Ensure your medical devices are secure and will pass FDA & FTC regulations