Getting the Knack of ATT&CK™

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MITRE's ATT&CK framework provides a uniform way to encode, share and report on attacker tactics and techniques used in campaigns against your organization. MITRE ATT&CK consists of three matrices: pre-ATT&CK, ATT&CK, and Mobile. Together they comprise an end-to-end ATT&CK chain filled with all of the successful techniques that adversaries use to breach organizations.

In this on-demand webcast, join Rapid7's Chief Data Scientist, Bob Rudis, to learn how your organization can utilize MITRE ATT&CK framework. In this session you'll get a primer (or, refresher, if you already know ATT&CK inside & out) on ATT&CK. Some of the topics we'll cover include:

  • Information on how you can use the ATT&CK framework at your organization
  • Ways to analyze and improve your incident response program and overall security posture with ATT&CK
  • A detailed look at real world incidents handled by Rapid7's Managed Detection and Response team through an ATT&CK lens

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