Webcast Series: Get Sh!t Done with Automation

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Today's security and IT teams are understaffed and overloaded with tools, techniques, languages, processes - sound familiar? And with the talent shortage growing by the day, it can feel like keeping up is nothing but a pipe dream. But have no fear: security orchestration and automation (SOAR) is here, and it’s stacking the deck in your favor.

Wondering how security orchestration and automation could help improve your security operations? Join us for a webcast series where we will explore how to improve your vulnerability management and incident detection and response processes with automation, best practices for implementing automation at your organization, and how to incorporate automation into your 2019 security initiatives.

This on-demand webcast series includes:

Take a Bite Out of the Remediation Backlog

Every time you run a new assessment, you identify more and more risk that needs to be mitigated. The weight is crushing, and your to-do list never gets any shorter. Sound familiar?

Join Rapid7 experts for an interactive discussion of processes and systems that equip you to take immediate action on newly identified vulnerabilities and take a bite out of your backlog of work.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Driving collaboration between Security, IT, and Development to streamline remediation
  • Implementing compensating controls for risks you can’t remediate right now (or ever)
  • Accelerating the patching process
  • How automation and orchestration can be employed to enhance (not replace) your security program
  • Taking a strategic view of your vulnerability management program

In a world where 40-60+ day old vulns have a 90% chance of being exploited, and the average organization takes 120 days to remediate a vuln, we need help. Implementing automation can break down the silos between Security, IT, and Development to help you drastically cut down the time needed to remediate.

Automation: The Ultimate Enabler for Incident Detection & Response

As organizational networks increase in size and complexity and attackers become more advanced, the modern security team must evolve. Security needs to extend beyond the dedicated team and the silos across different business units need to be broken. The easiest and most efficient way to get to this state is by embracing security orchestration and automation (SOAR). When security automation and SIEM work together, organizations can improve their security operations and remediate threats quicker.

Join Rapid7 experts for an interactive discussion where you will learn:

  • Key considerations when implementing a security orchestration & automation strategy
  • How to ensure your SOAR and SIEM solutions are working cohesively
  • A look into the automation capabilities in InsightIDR and how to automate many common incident detection and response processes

Have no Fear, Security Automation is Here

Security automation is a hot topic today, as security teams are looking to effectively leverage technology to make their security operations run more smoothly. With automation all the rage, comments like “we should be automating more” are becoming an ongoing theme. Dedicating time and resources to implement automation is often viewed as a huge level of effort, but adding automation to your most time-intensive security processes doesn’t have to be an intimidating undertaking. Did you know that with a small investment, you can realize tremendous ROI and value from automation, faster than ever before?

Join our security orchestration & automation experts for an interactive discussion of:

  • Real use cases teams struggle with today, including phishing, SIEM investigation and response, patching, and more
  • How you can integrate security automation and orchestration into your existing SecOps programs
  • How automation will improve efficiency across the processes and tools you’re executing manually today

Is Your Organization Ready for Automation?

Today’s security and IT teams are struggling to keep up. The digital landscape is constantly changing and between disparate, unintegrated systems and repetitive, manual processes, security teams are having a difficult time getting ahead. There are too many alerts, not enough time to investigate them all, and staff are on the verge of burnout.

Security orchestration and automation (SOAR) tools introduce ways for security teams to streamline and improve their everyday processes. But, is your organization ready for automation?

Join Rapid7 experts for an engaging discussion where you’ll learn:

  • Key considerations that should be in place before implementing automation
  • When is the right time to add automation (and when it isn’t)
  • Which common security tasks are ideal for automation
  • How to prepare your organization for automation

How to Get the Most Value from Your Security Operations

Speed has never been more important for security operations teams as it is today. As the technologies change and the threats evolve, so must security operations. Security orchestration and automation (SOAR) offers security teams increased accuracy across security operations, in addition to significant time and cost savings.

Security orchestration and automation can make teams faster and more efficient—but how can we measure just how much faster and more efficient? Demonstrating the time and money saved by implementing a SOAR solution can in turn help you demonstrate the value to your leadership team.

Join Rapid7 experts, Rich Perkett and Jen Andre, for an interactive discussion where you will learn:

  • How to incorporate automation into your organization’s security strategy
  • Keys for effectively communicating the importance of automation to your leadership team
  • How to demonstrate the return on investment from security orchestration and automation 

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