Toolkit: Make Your SIEM Project a Success with Rapid7

Learn why Gartner recommends UEBA+SIEM or Managed Detection and Response

If you’re reading this, you likely know that deploying a SIEM—and getting value out of it—is one of the most challenging projects for security and IT teams. Gartner has seen failed SIEM deployments in so many organizations that they’ve released a report, “Overcoming Common Causes for SIEM Solution Deployment Failures,” which details why organizations are struggling to unify their data and find answers from it.

The report is filled with great recommendations, provides clear guidance on what a SIEM project really entails, and explains key milestones to plan around. Gartner walks through six major pitfalls to SIEM deployments, including monitoring noise and not including the correct data sources.

To address many of these challenges, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with security teams to craft solutions and services that avoid many of these pitfalls. Along with the report you’ll get our companion guide, Achieve SIEM Solution Success with Rapid7, that reviews the six pitfalls and how we can help. Learn why customers are taking advantage of benefits like pre-built analytics and our cloud architecture, and why they’re armed with the confidence to quickly detect and investigate threats.

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