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Today’s security professionals don’t have it easy. When you aren’t fighting the adversaries, you are tasked with planning a sustainable security operations program while navigating the variety of options provided by vendors today. Should your company:

  • Start with centralized log management and an incident response retainer?
  • Build an in-house SOC with a co-managed SIEM?
  • Outsource detection and response via Managed Detection and Response?

In this webcast, we’ll cover:

  • How Security Analytics and SIEM have evolved, along with key buying criteria
  • Managed Detection and Response: Are vendors meeting their bold claims?
  • Processes: What are surprising time sucks, and what’s ripe for automation?
  • Future Investments: Is it Security Automation & Orchestration, or something else?

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Steve Roesing

President and CEO, ASMGi

Jake Godgart

Product Marketing Manager, Managed Services, Rapid7

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