Party Crashers: Find the Poison in the Punch to Prevent Fallout

Join Us: August 14 @ 2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

A lot of efforts in security feel like priorities. After all, we’re focused on preventing bad things from happening – it’s important! The challenge – and the key to success – is the ability to apply the right focus and get the buy-in necessary to act now to identify those crashing the party among your user base.

In our 3rd installment of Party Crashers, Michael Santarcangelo of Security Catalyst will explain the importance of acting now to detect compromised credentials, and what you risk by waiting. This session will focus on:

  • Detecting what counts, when it counts and with less noise by focusing on  credentials
  • How smart automation eases resource constraints
  • Building the business case to demonstrate the approach

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Michael Santarcangelo is the catalyst smart leaders count on to take friction out of communication and amplify value. He is in demand because friction in communication erodes value; it wastes energy and increases the cost of human connection as it stalls and eventually stops progress.

Known for a rare ability to translate complexity into understanding, Michael connects people to value and inspires change. He built the structure and system to create, measure, and effectively communicate value based on proven principles blended with the science of human ecology.

Leaders rely on Michael to bring visibility to communication and knowledge work. This identifies present and future value; each is mapped and aligned to advance individual and organizational goals. He frees up energy to solve challenges, ease change, and inspire higher levels of performance.

The author of Into the Breach, Michael is a full, professional member in good standing of the National Speaker’s Association. A graduate of Cornell University, Michael serves in multiple capacities to support professional organizations, standards, certifications, and efforts to advance the security industry.

Twitter: @catalyst