Dynamic Application Security Scanner

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AppSpider, featuring Universal Translator technology, is the only dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution capable of effectively testing today's complex web and mobile applications and web services. Available as software or SaaS, our dynamic application security scanner delivers more thorough analysis, comprehensive application coverage and sophisticated attack methodologies than any other solution on the market.

The Widening Coverage Gap

While web applications have evolved to be highly-complex and dynamic, scanners have not kept pace. This gap has been growing in recent years, leaving web application scanners less effective.

Best False Positive and False Negative Rates Available

With AppSpider, you will have the utmost con­fidence that you are getting the best false positive and false negative rates available. AppSpider automates as much of the process as possible, more than any other dynamic application security scanner. We have spent 10 years dedicated to building a sophisticated tool that crawls more of your application than any other, attacking it with a sophisticated approach.

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