Planning for Failure: How to Succeed at Detecting Intruders on Your Network

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It’s time to rethink our approach to security. The majority of security programs have a plan in place to prevent intruders from getting into the network - but those solutions aren’t working. We need to start detecting intruders when they get past defenses and are on the inside.

In this webinar, Rick Holland, principal analyst at Forrester Research will:

  • Lay out his findings from hundreds of hours of conversations with security practitioners and experts
  • Analyze the kill chain and highlight which attacker methodologies organizations should focus on detecting
  • Discuss how the high false positive rate of current monitoring solutions makes triaging of legitimate alerts impossible.

Plus, Chris Kirsch, principal product marketing manager at Rapid7, will talk about new ways to leverage intruder analytics on top of existing monitoring solutions to detect intruders early, reduce the false positive rate, and simplify incident investigations.


Rick Holland, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Christian Kirsch, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Rapid7 

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