Addressing Security Challenges with the Critical Controls

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Tuesday, July 10th 2PM ET / 11AM PT

The Rapid7 Global Consulting organization has assessed hundreds of cybersecurity programs across different industries, verticals, and markets. These assessments have ranged from deeply technical to highly strategic. This experience has given Rapid7 the unique perspective of understanding cybersecurity in production across the vast majority of best practice frameworks, industry compliance objectives, and government enforced regulations.

One of the main things our consultants have learned is that Cybersecurity teams all struggle with many of the same challenges. Whether it is organizational alignment, cyber risk management, or practicing basic security hygiene, the need to adopt and manage effectiveness against a defined set of objectives has never been more important.

In this webinar you will hear from Rapid7 senior consultants on four of the most common challenges we see across all industries including:

  • Inventory and control of both hardware and software assets
  • Continuous vulnerability management
  • Controlled use of administrative privileges


Caspian Kilkelly

Senior Advisory Services Consultant

Brian Carey

Senior Advisory Services Consultant

Cindy Jones

Principal Advisory Services Consultant

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