Campfire Horror Stories: 5 Most Common Findings in Pen Tests


Penetration tests are a key part of assuring strong security, so naturally, security professionals are very curious about how this best practice goes down from the pen tester perspective – and what things you should address prior to a pen test. Some questions any experienced pen tester always gets asked are "how did you get in?" or "what do you most commonly find?”. Watch this session to learn from Jack Daniel, Director of Services at Rapid7 with 13 years of penetration testing under his belt to:

  • Learn which flaws pen testers are regularly using to access your sensitive data on a pen test
  • Gain insight into the most common pen test findings
  • Learn what Rapid7 recommends you do to prevent these pervasive flaws
  • Be enabled to get the most out of your pen test vendor

Speaker: Jack Daniel, Director of Services, Rapid7

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