APAC Webcast Series: Building Your 2016 Security Program - 4 Part Series

This March we hosted a series of webcasts to offer tips and insights on building your 2016 Security Program. The series of 45mins webcasts are designed for IT professionals who are involved in planning, design or managing of their day-to-day security programs.

Each of these sessions aim to provide you with key take-aways and a demo preview of how Rapid7 address vulnerability management in your environment, followed by a recorded Question & Answer session with our technical expert. If you have any questions please get in touch - [email protected]  

Discover and learn how to improve your security posture as we share with you:

  • Quick snapshot and review of some of 2015 high-profile breaches and its impact on your organization’s security posture
  • Steps you should be taking to stay protected against common attack vectors in today’s evolving threat landscape
  • Key considerations when building your security program budget
  • Recommended security practices, vulnerability management tools and compliance standards for any security professional 

Part 1: Learnings from 2015

Ivan Lee, Sales Engineer, Rapid7

Part 2: Common Attack Vectors You Should be Aware Of

Ivan Lee, Sales Engineer, Rapid7

Part 3: Building Your Security Program Budget

Jane Man, Product Strategy Manager, Rapid7 & Roy Robinson, Product Platform Manager, Rapid7

Part 4: Keeping Safe With Best Practices, Tools & Standards

Ivan Lee, Sales Engineer, Rapid7