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Beyond the Cyber Kill Chain: Confidently Detect & Investigate Targeted Attacks


How confident are you about detecting a targeted attack? What about reliably catching a penetration test?

Watch this webcast to learn about:

  • The top attack vectors behind breaches today
  • How to confidently detect stealthy attacks - fast
  • Escaping the drudgery of retracing user activity & digging through raw logs
  • Live Demo: See a simulated phishing attack, with lateral movement that guesses passwords

Watch as we use the number one penetration testing tool, Metasploit, to launch a phishing attack. Then we'll head over to the InsightUBA platform to not only identify the attack, but see the exact IPs, assets, and users compromised. We'll show you how to highlight malicious behavior from endpoint to cloud and provide the context needed to quickly validate threats.

Speakers: Eric Sun, Product Marketing Manager, Rapid7, and Patrick Haley, Senior Sales Engineer, Rapid7

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