Back to Basics: Threat Types and Defense-In-Depth to Maximize the ROI of Your Security Program

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Non-targeted, opportunistic, targeted, and insider are 4 threat types, or groupings, that have been understood by the security community at large for years. These groupings of threats are largely based on motivation, prevention, detectability, cost, and impact to those affected. On the defensive side, the concept of defense in depth where you secure the outer perimeter to prevent threats, monitor the interior perimeter for anomalous behavior, and apply tight restrictions to the most sensitive data and system has also been a proven approach to minimizing the impact of threats.

Join Wade Woolwine and Mike Scutt from Rapid7’s threat detection and incident response team to discuss how making threat groupings, the attack lifecycle, and defense in depth part of your overall security program planning can help you apply your resources in a way to maximize prevention, detection, and response for a more effective ROI.

Speakers: Wade Woolwine, Manager of Strategic Services at Rapid7 | Mike Scutt, Senior Consultant, Strategic Services at Rapid7

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