The Attacker Mindset: How to Understand and Avoid Malicious Behavior

Attackers are out there, looking for targets to test their skills on for financial gain, political motivations, or even just for entertainment. How do these attackers target your assets, enter your environment, then escape with the jewels all while leaving little trace of their presence?  Watch this on-demand webcast to learn about the Advanced Persistent Threat model and how dangerous attackers do their work.

During this webcast you will learn about:

  • Typical attack paths & the tools used by malicious attackers
  • The attacker mindset and how the APT theoretical model is rarely the case in the real world
  • How to monitor your controls to secure against attacks
  • What tools you can use to measure, analyze, and improve your vulnerabilities

Speakers: Dan Tentler, Pen. Tester/Network Security Consultant; Bill Bradley, Product Marketing Manager

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