The State of Security for Australia's ASX 200 Orgs

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Fresh off the heels of our Industry Cyber-Exposure Report: Fortune 500, Rapid7 researchers explored the level of exposure for corporate Australia. Through the research on Australia's ASX-200 organizations, one key insight was that 67% of organizations have weak or non-existent anti-phishing defence (i.e.DMARC) in the public email configuration of their primary email domains.

This level of weakness in the region’s most well-resourced and talent-flush organizations makes it likely that it is even greater in smaller organizations with fewer resources at their disposal. 

Hear from researchers live on this webcast on the following topics:
  • The average attack surface presented on the internet by the top companies in Australia
  • The prevalence of severely vulnerable services, such as Telnet and Windows file-sharing.
  • Corporate adoption of anti-phishing defenses such as Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance (DMARC).
  • Companies exposing how many and which cloud service providers they use in their public domain system (DNS) metadata.
  • Which industry sectors have been compromised by malware, and how.
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Tod Beardsley

Research Director

Bob Rudis

Chief Security Data Scientist

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