The Anatomy of Deception Based Attacks: How to Secure Against Today’s Major Threat

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Deception-based attacks pose a dangerous and growing risk to organizations. Attackers, even the unsophisticated, now have the ability to enter your network and “stay below the radar” with methods that are stealthy, clever, and targeted.  They are hard to detect, time consuming to investigate, and often successful.  

Watch this on-demand webcast to explore:

  • What are deception-based attacks and why are they so successful?
  • What’s fueling the rise in the use of deceptive methods?
  • Common indicators of deception-based attacks and tips for spotting them
  • New tools to help you accurately identify incidents and quickly act

Speakers: Lital Asher-Dotan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Rapid7 and Matthew Hathaway, Senior Product Manager, Rapid7

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